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Take control of your finances.
Chose your own investments and watch your

account grow.

Purchase anything, anywhere, anytime.

Get cash from an ATM, Bank withdrawals,

& more..

Everything all-in-one
Complete control at your fingertips. 

Buy, Sell & Trade Crypto, Convert profits, Repeat.

Stay up to the minute with our News channel.

Get technical analysis, live updates and information

on the latest, hottest and most promising projects.​​

Get the latest Financial Breaking News notifications.

The crucial key to a successful endeavor.

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Remove the limits from your growth and potential.

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Guardian Treasury

Something amazing is about to happen.


What powers our rocket...?

Future Endeavors

Smart Invest Technology

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Use our Smart Invest Technology.
Simply allocate any amount or percentage to the Master invest wallet and let our team earn profit for you through company trades, investments and real-world assets.

Information Network Team


Have you ever missed an opportunity on a 10X

or more?

Ever wished you knew all the little details and nuances that move this volatile market?

We've assembled our very own hit squad whose full time job is to dig deep into every detail, everywhere, and know everything about everything.

This valuable up-to-the-minute information is then immediately shared with us, via live news and blog reports. News but on a higher level. Better information to make better investments.

Suggested times on when to get in and out for maximum profit.


Loan & Financing program

Purchase a home, a car, or start a business with our Loan and Financing program.

We cant spill all the beans just yet, but what we can say is that loans will be partially or mostly based on portfolio holdings, performance and be affiliated with staking.

Welcome to our Financial Family.

We take care of our own!


Credit Cards

Imagine paying your credit card bill with crypto.

Imagine having a credit card that pays for itself.

Imagine the freedom of Buy now, Pay later.

Great Tokenomics

  • Automatic Financial Increases





  • Automatic Liquidity

  • Deflationary

  • Application-Utility Development

Our AFI reward system pays you back a percentage of each transaction. The essential yet powerful automatic yield-generating static rewards system contract.

Because taxes are auto-distributed equally to all holders, the more tokens that are purchased, sold and traded...

The more your account balance automatically grows.

3% of every transaction is automatically added to the liquidity pool ensuring adequate funding,

increasing stability while decreasing volatility.

3% of every transaction is burned forever

ensuring an ever decreasing supply, while like a balance, automatically increasing the value at the same time. The more transactions, the more the value increases, forever.

Good trade off yes? Yes.

5% of each transaction is used for perpetual application development. One of the main functions of our company is the dedication to constant development and improvement, always striving to create greater utility.

Great utility is the one thing that you can always count on to guarantee participation, support, upscaling and all things related to a successful project.

Our goal in one word is simply, Perfection.

early investors special benefits...

Stage 1 Tokenomics: 5% Rewards, 5% Liduidity

Stage 2 Tokenomics: Initiated after token release 

Deflation Burn 3% Automatic Liquidity Pool 3% 
Rewards 4%
 Application-Utility Development 5%


3 Strategic Token Burns in Three Different Stages of The Project. Each burn will consist of 25% of the remaining supply.

50% of the total supply will be burned during Stage 1

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Something amazing is about to happen.

About Guardian Treasury

My fellow Guardians

Our philosophy is that we hold the keys to our own destiny.
You can either choose to do nothing and take whatever you get which is fine, or you can become a Guardian.
Holding the keys to your destiny means that you hold your own future in your hands, your future and all that it can be.
Well, what do you do with that?
You take action. You nourish it, strengthen it, protect it, invest in it and you do whatever you can within reason to make it great.

How is it done?
Time, patience, resources, a great strategy, and a great team.
It’s that simple.
Not everyone can do everything. You may have great ideas, great strategy, great skills, but without the resources to do anything about it.
Or you may have the resources but without the great ideas.
Are you beginning to see yet?

Not everyone understands how important a great team is.
Take a look at any downtown skyline, the skyscrapers, the tall prosperous buildings.
No one person makes all the wheels turn, everyone is merely a cog in a complex machine, take one away and the entire locomotion of the watch-like infrastructure is affected.

Think about the staff.
From the executive to the lowest worker.
The maintenance worker keeps everything clean, fresh, and tidy. Have you ever tried working in a dirty environment? You can barely think straight.
Now imagine everything is neat, clean, fresh, organized, and in its proper place, you come in there are no distractions and you can get straight to the business at hand.

Imagine a mountain of paperwork.
Now think of the secretary with all the reports organized. Making it easy for you to quickly access anything, at any point, anytime.

Think of the assistant who makes the coffee.
You come in and you sit at your desk.
You close your eyes and inhale the aroma of a fresh brew, you take a sip and things slowly begin to clear up. After a wonderful cup of that fine Colombian bean, all is right.
You are laser-focused and ready to kick ass.

We are driven by our passions.
Most people want to create, do, or be a part of something great.
Our passion is to achieve something amazing, world-changing.
So when we say that we’re going head up with the world banks, it’s not just talk, we’re completely serious.
The world is changing as we all can see, that’s why most of us are in this space.
We believe we can be a huge part of leading that charge.
While we’d love for you to join our financial family (and we take care of our family), participation is appreciated but not mandatory. We are driven, dedicated, and will arrive at the destination, regardless of who’s on board.
Become a Guardian and let’s do it together.

The Guardian Treasury


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